Terms and conditions of use



 The website RCHELIPARTS is set with utmost care, but the possibility stays that the information u are looking for currently, isn’t up to date, correct or complete. No right scan be derived from the information on this website, including but not limited to rate information. An exception on this is formed by the general conditions of RCHELIPARTS from which rights can be derived after explicitly accepting these general conditions when placing one or multiple orders. RCHELIPARTS is not liable for abuse by third parties of by copyright protected information.



 General terms of Sale


 Article 1.  Relevance


 1.1   These General sales conditions apply to all offers and agreements in which RCHELIPARTS, established in Bosschenhoofd, Willeke Joostenstraat 34, registered at the Trade register with the number 20156469, Breda, acts as the seller of goods. By creating a form of the above agreement, you’ll explicitly accept our terms of agreement. 


1.2   Diverging from these agreements can only be agreed upon in writing.


 1.3   The General conditions, under whatever name, of the customer of RCHELIPARTS(referred to as the client) are not applicable.



 Article 2. Offers


 2.1  RCHELIPARTS will answer an fully written e-mail with an clear question in it within 5 working days.


 2.2  All offers of RCHELIPARTS are non-committal, unless the opposite is explicitly shown in the offer. Offers are subject to the availability of products.


 2.3  The articles on the website of RCHELIPARTS and recorded data such as prices, specifications and images are subject to change and are not binding to RCHELIPARTS, unless the data was explicitly agreed upon by both parties.



 Article 3. Prices


 3.1 The prices are shown in Euro’s, including Dutch VAT, unless explicitly agreed on otherwise. If the customer is not in the country of shipment, the purchaser is responsible for any VAT or import duties.


 3.2 The prices shown on the website of RCHELIPARTS are subject to change.



 Article 4. Delivery 




 4.2 Your order is usually 1 day after the order has come in delivered at the adres (depends on the speed of TNT). Your order will be send with 1-4 workdays, we will send it with PostNL


 4.3 If the arrangement is obstructed, as meant in the previous lines, for more then thirty (30) days, the customer has the right to dissolve the agreement, unless otherwise agreed.


 4.4 If the delivery time is known, this will be indicated in our correspondence. Following the sending of the package, if filled in the order form, u will receive an e-mail stating how the shipment can be followed over the internet.



 Article 5. Delivery, distribution, dispatch.


 5.1 At the request of the customer, RCHELIPARTS can send the package to an indicated address within the Netherlands. If the customer wants the package to be send abroad, the extra shipping fee will be charged to the customer.


 5.2 RCHELIPARTS reserves the right to charge the cost for delivery separately to the customer.


 5.3 RCHELIPARTS is not liable for any damage that occurred during or as a result of the delivery occur on the side of the customer or third parties, unless he proves that the damage resulted from negligence, fault or intentional damage on the part of RCHELIPARTS.


 5.4 RCHELIPARTS is not liable for envelopes lost by TNT or damage during transport. If you choose the shipping method with a postage of € 2.95, (only in the Netherlands) or a package shipping cost € 6.95


The package will insured when you chuse for shipping cost € 7.95.



 Article 6. Risk and ownership


 6.1 The risk of the goods passes to the customer of RCHELIPARTS if you choose a specific delivery methods


RCHELIPARTS is not liable for envelopes lost by TNT or damage during transport. If you choose the shipping method with a postage of € 2.95, (only in the Netherlands) or a package shipping cost € 6.95


The package will insured when you chuse for shipping cost € 7.95.


 6.2 If the parties have agreed that the goods will be delivered the risk is of the goods will, not withstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, be transferred from RCHELIPARTS to the customer at time of delivery.


 6.3 In case the customer fails to inform RCHELIPARTS in time that he won’t be able to receive the goods, the risk passes from RCHELIPARTS to the customer when the customer is in default and RCHELIPARTS will store and insure the goods for a reasonable period of time, a part shall be for the account and risk of the customer.


 6.4 The ownership of the goods shall pass from RCHELIPARTS to the customer only after the customer paid the purchase price and all the rest that they under any contract, and under a claim for failure to fulfill such to RCHELIPARTS, has been met.



 Article 7. Payment


 7.1 Cash: the customer picks up the order himself in the warehouse of RCHELIPARTS and pays at the counter with cash/ pin or Credit card.


 7.2 Invoice: the customer receives an invoice from RCHELIPARTS. After payment by bank account has been received by RCHELIPARTS, the customer will receive the product. The shipping costs depend on size and weight.


 7.3 On account: Within 14 days after receiving the invoice the payment needs to take place. This only applies if RCHELIPARTS and the customer have agreed upon this.


 7.4 RCHELIPARTS may at any time invoke its right to receive an advance payment of at most 50% of the purchase price.


 7.5 In case of late payment, the customer shall be in default without any notice of default and the customer is then obliged to pay the statutory interest on the amount owed over the length of absence, without any prejudice to any other rights due to RCHELIPARTS


 7.6 All judicial and extrajudicial costs that RCHELIPARTS has to make to recover its claim(s), are the sole responsibility of the defaulting customer. The extrajudicial costs are 15% of the outstanding amount with a minimum €68.07 excl.



 Article 8. Warranty 


8.1 RCHELIPARTS guarantees that the delivered goods are under the trade name or under Importer Provisions during the warranty period specified.


8.2 A warranty claim is only processed by RCHELIPARTS if the customer submitted this claim at RCHELIPARTS within 14 days after the defect is discovered or reasonably should have been discovered.


 8.3 Warranty shall only be granted upon presenting the original customer receipt handed out by RCHELIPARTS or the invoice, together with the corresponding, fully filled in warranty card or warranty certificate.


 8.4 Any warranty is void if 


                - Without permission of RCHELIPARTS, by or on behalf of the customer, changes or repairs to the delivered goods are placed. 


- There is careless or improper use of the delivered goods, which includes the omission of prescribed or normal maintenance.


 - The delivered goods are used for something else then they are intended for.


 8.5 The costs of modification and or repairs to the delivered goods without prior consent of RCHELIPARTS or on behalf of the customer, are never chargeable to RCHELIPARTS.


 8.6 All products have a warranty of 12 months.



 Article 9. Liability 


9.1 RCHELIPARTS is only liable for damage done on the part of the customers or third parties if and insofar as the damage is the direct and immediate result of the implementation of the agreement by RCHELIPARTS.


9.2 The liability of RCHELIPARTS under the preceding paragraph shall be limited to the purchase price of the product at maximum, unless the damage is the result of negligence, fault or intentional damage on the part of RCHELIPARTS.


9.3 RCHELIPARTS can not be held responsible for differences in prices, pictures and texts.



 Article 10. Dissolution 


10.1 If the customer wishes to return the purchased goods, it must be within 14 days after delivery, and only if unused and in original and undamaged package. The cost of returning the article are the sole responsibility of RC Heliparts. If the client has held to the preceding conditions, RCHELIPARTS will refund the customer within 7 days.


10.2 RCHELIPARTS reserves the right to refuse returned goods or refund only part of the paid amount when it is suspected that the product has been opened, used or the damage is the fault of the customer.


10.3 If the customer hasn’t fulfilled one or any obligations resulting from these agreements timely, at all or not at full satisfaction, he or she is legally in default. Then RCHELIPARTS has the right to terminate the agreement without notice and without judicial intervention whole or partially by means of an written notification to the customer, without prejudice to any other rights of RCHELIPARTS.


10.4 All claims, which RCHELIPARTS in case of termination of the agreement to the customer may have or will receive, are immediately and fully due and claimable.




 Article 11. Disputes 


11.1 All disputes (including those which only one of the parties consider as such) as a result of this agreement or agreements resulting from them may arise between the parties shall be settled by a competent  court in the district of the location of RCHELIPARTS. If RCHELIPARTS is appealing to this clause, he will inform the customer in writing.


11.2 The customer has the right to, within a period of five (5) weeks after the sending of the written notification as referred to in the previous paragraph, for the settlement of the dispute to choose a competent court in the district in which the residence of the customer is located. If the customer chooses to make use of this right, he has to notify RCHELIPARTS in writing to 


Article 12. Personal information


12.1 The statutory provisions relating to the protection of personal data as laid down in the Data Protection Act / Law Protection of personal data.