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BavarianDEMON 3X (92757)


BavarianDEMON 3X (8590)

• 3X: The super-quality triple-axis flybarless system
• Ideal for the most diabolical 3D manoeuvres
• Total stability, even for large-scale helicopters

Diabolically stable, diabolically flexible, diabolically safe !

bavarianDEMON is one of the most distinctive and ambitious young brands in RC modelling. Wherever you see the bavarianDEMON label, you can - justifiably - expect quality, exclusivity, performance, action and innovation - and all that with a "demon inside". The particular forte of bavarianDEMON is its unprecedented level of stabilising performance.
The numerous innovations and totally new features of bavarianDEMON products provide superb support to professional pilots and beginners all over the world. The company caters for an extremely wide range of expectations, applications and learning phases. And all these attributes are equally applicable to RC helicopters and fixed-wing model aircraft.
Naturally the bavarianDEMON comes from Bavaria. This applies to the brand, all the technology, the research, the management and - naturally - the product.
An important factor in the reliability of the bavarianDEMON is the company's many years of experience with the "HeliCommand" series.


• Symmetrical torque control
• Can be used in all types of flybarless RC helicopter
• Supports all current servo types and swashplate variants, plus virtual swashplate rotation
• CNC-machined aluminium case
• Flexible installation options: horizontal or vertical
• Intelligent set-up assistant
• Real-time tuning for optimising parameters in flight
• On-line update facility
• Internal swashplate mixer
• Ultra-fast tail gyroSet contents


Set contents:

• BavarianDEMON 3X incl. fixings
• Receiver connecting loom (90 mm)
• USB lead for direct connection to PC / Notebook

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