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Robbe Power peak E1 (8471)


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Robbe Power peak E1 (8471)

The flagship of the robbe Power Peak series of chargers. A
good-looking high-performance computer charging /
discharging station with battery management for all current
battery types. With integral Equalizer for Lithium-Ion,
LiPo and LiFe batteries, maximum charge current 20 A.

The clear lines and elegant appearance of this charger are
made possible by the new Cap-Touch system: no-contact
sensors for the switches and the 3-D hotkey permit a
smooth, sealed surface devoid of projecting controls.

The large, bright, backlit 95 x 65 mm graphic LCD monitor
provides a clearly arranged display of charge parameters or
battery data; the screen is also mounted below the sealed
operating surface. The screen offers 192 x 128 pixels and
can display twelve separate lines, allowing the use of a
clearly legible display font. The screen shows the
essential parameters of the current procedure in numerical
and graphic form, giving the user the opportunity to
observe and check the current process at all times.

The set-up menus are easily and conveniently navigated
using the CAP-Touch system, and the menu system can be set
to various languages (German, English etc.).

An important feature is the pioneering Battery
Identification (BID) system. The range of different battery
types used in modelling is constantly widening, and each
battery type requires its ´own´ specific charge process.

The robbe BID system automatically stores the essential
battery data, ensuring safe and simple operation.

Particular advantages:

Simply connect the BID chip key to the charger, and the
charge process begins.

No tiresome searching through the menu for the set-up

Maximum protection from accidental mis-setting

Essential battery data is stored in the BID key

Of course, the E1 charger can also charge batteries not
fitted with the BID system.

One BID key is supplied with the charger as standard.

With integral Equalizer for Lithium, LiPo and LiFe

When the charger is connected to the voltage sensor lead
attached to the battery pack, the charger is ´informed´ of
the cell count and the voltage of each individual cell.
This feedback keeps the charger constantly aware of the
state of the cells, so that it is always able to respond in
the appropriate way. For example, if any one cell reaches
the final charge voltage, the charger reduces the charge
current in order to prevent overcharging.

The maximum charge power is enormous at 315 Watts, equating
to a maximum charge current of no less than 20 A,
corresponding to a charge rate of about 15 A with a 5S LiPo
battery. High charge currents are particularly important in
order to obtain short charge times. The new RO-POWER 30C
LiPo batteries can already be charged at 2C. LiFe batteries
can even be charged at 5C, so this high charge power is
important, as it significantly reduces effective charge

The maximum discharge power is 160 Watts, i.e. a maximum of
40 Amps with a 1S LiPo cell.


The following battery types and cell counts can be charged:
1 - 36 NC cells
1 - 36 NiMH cells
1 - 12 PB / lead-acid cells (2 - 24 Volt)
1 - 14 LiIo (3.6 V), LiPo (3.7 V), LiFe (3.3 V) cells, plus
special voltage.

In addition to the Charge, Discharge and Cycle modes the
charger also provides different charge processes to suit
the various battery types.

For Lithium and Lead-Acid batteries the charger operates
using the CC-CV charge and cut-off process.

In the interests of safety it is possible to monitor and
display the temperature of a battery during a process; it
is even possible to terminate the charge automatically at a
particular pre-set temperature; the appropriate sensor is
supplied as standard.

Future-proof: Flash memory technology is the key. Software
expansions can be loaded in the form of upgrades.
Alternatively the charger software can be updated to cope
with new battery technologies.

Rapid developments in Lithium battery technology mean that
new battery types are constantly appearing, all with
different charge and cut-off voltages (Lithium-Ferrum,
Lithium-Phosphor, etc.). The Eternity charger is already
prepared for these changes, as it features a special menu
with a variable set-up facility for the Lithium battery
voltage. This means that it can be adjusted within broad
limits to suit new Lithium battery types and their cut-off

The charger features a USB interface for connection to a
PC. The excellent free PC software "Logview" is now well
known, and can be used to process the data from the
Eternity charger for recording, storing, comparing and
printing. The charger also features its own internal
memory, so that data can still be recorded if no PC is
connected to the unit, allowing the data to be read out and
stored at any subsequent time.

The charger features two independent charge outputs,
intended for drive and flight batteries (OUT 1), and
transmitter / receiver batteries and small LiPo packs (OUT

Quiet, temperature-controlled cooling fan.

Output 2 can be used to recharge LiPo batteries with 2 or 3
cells and NC / NiMH batteries with 4 to 8 cells, using a
charge current of up to 2 Amps (24 Watts).

OUT 1 output:

Cell count: 1 - 36 NC / NiMH cells, 1 - 14 LiIo, LiPo, LiFe
cells, 1 - 12 lead-acid cells, 2 - 24 Volt

Charge current: 0.1 ... 20 A (max. 315 W)

Discharge current: 0.1 ... 40 A (max. 160 W)

Equalizer current: 250 mA

Cut-off method:

NC / NiMH batteries: automatic, digital Delta-Peak system
with variable Delta-Peak voltage

Temperature cut-off: 10 ... 65°C, variable in 1°C increments

Lithium / Lead-Acid batteries: automatic, using CC-CV process

Temperature cut-off: 10 ... 65°C, variable in 1°C increments

OUT 2 output:

Cell count: 4 - 8 NC / NiMH cells

2 - 3 LiPo cells

Charge current: 0.1 - 2.0 A

Cut-off method

NC / NiMH batteries: automatic, digital Delta-Peak system

LiPo: automatic, using CC-CV process

Protected against reverse polarity and short-circuit

Sockets for: temperature sensor, Equalizer, BID key, USB.

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