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Futaba, R6303SB FASST 2,4 GHz receiver (P-R6303SB)


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Futaba, R6303 SB FASST 2,4 GHz receiver (P-R6303SB)

Small, lightweight 2.4 GHz 3 / 18 channel FASST S.BUS receiver, only 7 g, with full range. Ultra-slim for models with narrow fuselages. With S.BUS system for up to 18 channels, making it suitable for all models from mini-helicopters to large-scale aircraft.

Small FASST receiver with full range and 3 outputs for normal servos and 18 S.BUS servo channels. This receiver can be used either in 7/8/10-channel or Multi mode making it compatible with all Futaba FASST 6-18 channel radio systems(modules).
The servo channels can be divided into 7 groups and assigned to output ports 1 and 2; the output sequence can be freely selected within broad limits.
The R6303SB receiver features switchable signal frame rate for digital servos, resulting in faster signal transfer to the servos, and even faster servo response.
S.BUS output
Up to eighteen of the new, programmable S.BUS servos can be connected directly to this output, or alternatively peripheral devices such as gyros, flybarless systems or speed governors.
• One feed cable for all channels.
• No cable "spaghetti", and reduced weight.
• Additional standard servos can be connected to the receiver using S.BUS PWM adapters.
Nothing could be simpler.

The Dual Aerial Diversity system continuously checks the signal level at both aerial inputs and switches over in a split second to the stronger signal with no transition period.
If 7.4 V LiPo batteries are used to power the receiving system, all the connected servos must also be compatible with the high voltage. The receiver does not feature an internal servo voltage limiter for the servo voltage.


Channel number :18
Weight: 7
Channel spacing: 2048
Frequency channels: 36
Antenna length: 14
LED  Receiver output - servo channels  Gyro function 
  Display  Port 1  Port 2  3 S.BUS   
1 red 1x  1 2 3 1…18  Rudder 
2 red 2x  1 4 3 1…18  Elevator 
3 red 3x  2 4 3 1…18  Aileron 
4 green 1x  1 5 3 1…18  Rudder + elevator 
5 green 2x  2 7 3 1…18  Rudder + aileron 
6 grün 3x  4 8 3 1…18  Elevator + aileron 
7 red / green 1x  11 12 3 1…18  Aileron+rudder+elevator 
oder fur CGY 750 Flybarless  Roll+pitch-axis+tail rotor
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