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BEASTRX, FASST - FrSky 2.4GHz SRXL , 7 / 14 - Channel Receiver (BXRX76100)


BEASTRX, FASST - FrSky 2.4GHz SRXL , 7 / 14 - Channel Receiver (BXRX76100)

Warning: Due to different failsafe settings between trans- mitter and BEASTRX, users must disable failsafe on the trans- mitter side. Otherwise you will notice a jitter during a period of time on the channels you set failsafe.

This 14 channel SRXL-receiver is compatible with different 2.4 GHz systems, therefore observe the instructions regarding bind-procedure
and failsafe-adjustment from the manufacturer of your 2.4 GHz system as well as the following manual.


Futaba FASST 2.4GHz: 7-CH mode
14-CH-MULTI mode
FrSky transmitter modules: TF-8M, TF-14M


Number of channels: 7 + SRXL data output (12+2 channels)
Operating voltage: 3.5V ~ 10V
Dimension: 54 x 30 x 14 mm
Weight: 13.5 g
Latency: 14 ms / ~ 70Hz (FS mode)
7ms / ~ 140Hz (HS mode)


- Compatible with most of Futaba FASST 2.4 GHz systems
- SRXL data output, e. g. for usage in combination with MICROBEAST
- Improved capability of anti-interference
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