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BLS152 Brushless Servo (F1605)


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BLS152 Brushless Servo (F1605)

The Mega-Muscle-Man amongst Brushless-Motor Servos, with 350 Ncm torque, arguably the strongest 21 mm Servo available.
Despite its gigantic torque, the servo speed of 0,11 Seconds./45° is still very fast. Main application of the dual ball-raced metal gear servos are large models and jets with their powerful control surfaces and all flying tails. The casing centre piece is made from Aluminium and not only strengthens the gearbox but also serves to cool the brushless motor.

The advantages of Brushless-Motor technology:
  • 30% faster Reaction time = better acceleration
  • more resistant to shock and vibration
  • higher efficiency, lower heat generation
  • no brush wear = 5 times motor life
  • Special-Gearbox = no backlash
  • Samarium-Cobalt magnets
  • higher resolution
  • same current drain as normal digital servos
    Dimensions: 40,5 x 21 x 38,4 mm
    Mass/weight: 72.00 pond/g
    Operating voltage: 4,8-6 Volts
    Nominal voltage: 4.80 Volts Nominal voltage: 6.00 Volts
    Torque: 280.00 Ncm Torque: 350.00 Ncm
    Transit speed: 0.14 Sec/45° Transit speed: 0.11 Sec/45°
    Holding power: 700.00 Ncm Holding power: 875.00 Ncm
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