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Radikal G20 basic w/o engine (CN1330BG)


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Radikal G20, w/o Engine (Zonder motor) (CN133BG)

Gas Powered RC Helicopter / Benzine helicopter

included in the kit: Inhoud van de kit:

- Radikal G20 kit (G10)
- High Performance clutch shoe HW6011GA
- High Performance Clutch Bell Assembly HW6013GA
- Frame Reinforcement HW6114
- Plastic and Fiber Glas Canopy white
- Clunkwith Felt Filter+ Soft Gas-Proof Fuel Tubing
- Quality Bearings
- Radikal Decal
- Manual

- GFK Canopy

With the experience and knowledge from producing aerobatic and trouble free gasoline powered helicopters, Century Helicopter Products is proud to announce the ALL NEW Radikal G20! This highly anticipated helicopter (the smaller sibling of the Predator gasser) is capable of smooth F3C style flight yet has the power and agility for 3D aerobatics. Designed from the ground up with the latest manufacturing framework, we're proud to offer the latest generation of technologies which has been incorporated to produce a G10 framed helicopter being powered by the new Zenoah 20cc gasoline engine. With its high torque and its relatively low speed, the Zenoah offers smooth, vibration free operation. The Radikal G20 is capable of being top started with a 6mm hex style starter extension. We also offer a removable style pull-start option. With the advent of gas powered helicopters, expected long flight times are here to stay at the expense of merely pennies to fly. The gas powered engine produces absolutely no smoke offering endless capabilities for aerial photography/videography as well as scale fuselage applications.


  • Carbon Frames
  • LT (modified 50 sized head)
  • Length: 1366mm
  • Height: 381mm
  • Width: 260mm
  • Main Rotor Diameter: 1435mm
  • Tail Rotor Diameter: 262mm
  • Main Rotor Blades: 600mm-660mm
  • Tail Rotor Blades: 95mm
  • Flight Time: More than 30 Minutes with consumption of 300ml
  • Weight complete with electronics and engine (no fuel): 4500g


Just Provide ( Items required to fly but not included ): (nog nodig om te kunnen vliegen)

  • 1x 600mm-660mm Main Blades (620mm-640mm carbon fiber recommended)
  • Titan ZG 20  Engine (motor)
  • 1x 6-Channel or better Radio Transmitter system capable of 120 degree eCCPM mixing.
    (7 Channels or better recommended, for governor)
  • 1x 6-Channel or better Receiver and Receiver Battery.
    (7 Channels or better recommended, for governor)
  • 1x Muffler.
  • 5x Sport line or better Servos.
  • 1x Gyro. (Heading Lock/Hold recommended)
  • 1x Governor (optional but recommended)
  • 1x Electron Ignition Battery (for Electron Ignition engines)
  • 1x Crystal Set. (if using non-2.4GHz radio sytem)
  • 1x 87 to 92 Octane Gasoline.
  • 1x 2-Stroke Motor Oil.
  • 1x Synthetic Oil/Grease.
  • 1x Starting Equipment (if not using a pull starter).
  • 1x RC Helicopter Tools.

Rotor Head 

  • The rotorhead is constructed of a CNC machined metal yoke and reinforced heavy duty plastic blade grips.
  • Floating style feathering shaft with triple bearing support including thrust bearings.
  • CNC machined, full ball Bell-Hiller mixer lever.
  • Adjustable Bell-Hiller mixer to achieve the preferred mixing ratio.
  • Stable main rotor blade grips with 5mm rotor blade bolt(HD version) or 4mm rotor blade bolt (LT version).
  • Blade holder with 14 to 18mm width allows the use of rotorblades from 12 to 18mm blade root.
  • 29g aerodynamically balanced flybar paddles for sport and 3D aerobatics.
  • 10mm hardened rotor shaft.

Control System 

  • Electronic CCPM with three servos.
  • Electronic CCPM 120° configuration.
  • Push / Pull hinged double ball-bearing bell cranks.
  • Double ball-bearing pitch levers.
  • Plastic pre-molded pitch compensators for proper linkage positioning.
  • Double ball-bearing, CNC Machined Swashplate center with reinforced plastic out control linkages for 120°.
  • The swash plate is hinged with three servos to support 120° CCPM.
  • The control servos employ a push/pull system ensuring all the power is transferred to the swashplate in a unilateral direction.
  • A total of 28° pitch range.


  • Various gear ratios possible.
  • Spiral cut main gear provides additional contact service area for maximum load bearing and quite gear operation.
  • Sleeved autorotation main gear and hub with adjustable backlash.
  • Stable 15x24mm clutch bearing support by ball bearings.
  • One-stage gearbox offers the best minimal friction loss.
  • Constant driven tail rotor.
  • Heavy duty automotive grade belt driven tail is more crash resilient and lower cost.


  • Blow molded high impact resistant canopy.
  • Tinted, high-gloss windshield.
  • Streamlined design for the fast forward flight.
  • High tech professionally designed pre-cut decal set with highly visibility.

Main Frame 

  • Carbon Fiber main frame with CNC machined bearing blocks.
  • Carburetor fuel level located at centerline for smooth engine operation in all flight attitudes.
  • Large 300 ml tank for long flight times.
  • Separate front and rear frame allows lower cost and easy replacement.
  • H-Frame with cross member design offers reinforcement in all three axes.
  • Extra long front trays offer convenient access to secure electronics.
  • Heavy duty low profile high impact-resistance landing gear accommodates hard landings.
  • Engine plate is CNC manufactured from a single piece of aluminum.


Titan ZG 20  Engine (not included)

Very cheap running costs, less than 1 litre per hour with normal two stroke petrol mix.
Digital battery ignition with automatic advance, Hall sensor triggered.
Runs on one Single LiPo cell.
Hand starting is child's play
Walbro pump carburettor, can be mounted in 90 degree Steps.
Super light magnesium die-cast crankcase..
Extremely smooth running due to crankshaft being mounted in three
ball races and double counterweights.
Very long life due to roller bearings both ends of the conrod.
Very thin pinned piston ring allowing largest possible transfer passages with
Optimum exhaust and inlet ports.

Displacement: 20,1 cm3
Bore x Stroke: 32 x 25 mm
Power: 1,73 hp / 1,27 kW
at 11.000 RPM
Torque: 1,23 Nm  9000 RPM
Weight: 820 g
incl. engine mount: 850 g
and intake trumpet: 860 g
and ignition:1.040 g
and Silencer:1.185 g Ready to fly incl. our 3000 mAh


Tail System 

  • Triple bearing supported tail blade grips including thrust bearing.
  • 140° of tail pitch range offers extremely fast tail response.
  • Triple ball-bearing supported hardened output shaft.
  • Integrated vertical fin into gearbox offers rigidity as well as weight reduction.
  • Tail boom mounted tail rotor servo for minimal slop.
  • Straight carbon rudder control rod offers maximum direct control.
  • Ball bearing tail rotor pitch bridge for linear tail rotor control.
  • Hollowed out attractive horizontal fin offers weight reduction.
  • Extra large 5×13mm bearings in the tail rotor gear box output.
  • Sturdy 25mm extra lightweight tail boom.
  • Tail boom struts made of lightweight aluminum.
  • Impact-resistant and lightweight 4.5g 95mm tail blades.
  • Hardened tail rotor shaft.
  • The tail servo is mounted right on the tail boom, thus there are no corrections to the rudder control linkage during disassembly of the tail section.








Aandrijving Benzine Helikopter
Helikopter Grootte 3 - Groot (Vanaf 100cm)