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HH-60 Jayhawk Version 3 with Working Doors (600-Size) (KFUH60CG6)


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HH-60 Jayhawk Version 3 with Working Doors (600-Size) (KFUH60CG6)

The long awaited Version 3 kit of the UH-60 series helicopters are finally beginning to arrive.

Version 3 now includes special carbon fiber side frames allowing the rear transmission to be positioned lower in the  mechanics, allowing for the maintenance free and highly reliable torque tube drive system to be securely located in the tail of the helicopter. 

The new angled gear box and upper torque tube are also supplied in the kit.  As long as you have a working Chaos or Trex 600 torque tube driven helicopter, this kit gives you everything you need to install your machine into the fuselage.  

The rudder control system has also been upgraded.  No more flex in your rudder.  The new system incorporates control rods that connect to a pivot arm on the gear box.  The pivot arm is all ready installed.  Just snap on your linkages and your done!

Working oleo struts front and rear allow for very scale take off's and landings. 

The new Version 3 kits are incredibly reliable and is designed for many years of trouble free use.

Install is also much faster.  No more adjusting, and tinkering.  The system is designed to plug into each other and work.  Torque tubes also offer much less drag on the system offering a more efficient flying machine.

Fuselage dimensions:
Height: 10"
Width: 9 1/2"
Lenght: 60"

Incl. Metalgear Upgrade
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